Cincinnati Wedding Photographers, Laura Katie has a soft, clean, romantic, bright and classic style. Laura Katie is voted a top wedding photographer in the city & has had the pleasure of traveling for weddings, as well.

Congratulations, friends!

Since you’re inquiring about my wedding collections, I will assume you are newly engaged and currently knee deep in the planning stages! I am thrilled for you and so honored that you think I could be the one to document this day and the first moments of your new marriage. I am obsessed with experiences rather than checklists, so I want to encourage you both to grab a drink and get cozy. As you go through the information I include here, I want you to feel the excitement and butterflies that I feel every single wedding day. Sit back and relax, because I’m covering everything from who I am, to how I work, all about each collection, how to pinpoint your personal wedding style and how to snag your specific date.


You can call me Katie. (That’s what my friends call me.)

I feel like I grow into myself as an artist more and more, with every year that passes. Not only do I gain more experience with every wedding season, I get a little bit closer to who I want to be and what I want to create and how I want to tell stories.

I’m not interested in being published, in being a well known photographer or in awards. I decided long ago that I was given this eye and talent as a way to serve others and love them really well. I would rather spend my time getting to know you and helping you plan your day than sending emails asking to be on preferred vendor lists of expensive venues, reediting photos and writing narratives for submission and answering lengthy questionnaires about why I deserve certain accolades.

I love beauty. Gorgeous couples, details and locations get me so excited and renew my creative spirit. But I love people more. I never want you to feel like I’ve used your wedding to climb any type of ladder.


What I believe.

Being photographed doesn’t have to feel awkward.
There is no reason that your photos need to look uncomfortable and posed. I lean toward a more fluid way of working. Instead of telling you where to be and how to look at each other, I love to give a starting point and let your natural interactions unfold as they will. There are moments I will lightly direct you (because come on, I never want you to feel anything other than at ease) and there are moments that I will simply exist in the moment with you, in silence, documenting your affection for one another. I’d urge you to sink into each of those instances, feeling all of the emotions bubbling up, knowing that I always have your back and a desire to make you look and feel like the best version of yourself.

Your experience and photos should be unique.
If you are planning the perfect Pinterest wedding with an elaborate Pinterest shot list, you are in the wrong place. I’m here for the authentic moments, the family heirlooms, the personal locations, the unique vision. At the end of the day, I want you to receive a photo gallery that reflects who you are as a couple and tells your story really well. While I do have a list in my head that I work off of for each wedding, I love having the freedom to tailor that to you, your details and the perfect story you are writing. When I’m less focused on checking things off of a list, I have more freedom to be creative and present, documenting the sweet moments as they unfold.

Wedding days are meant to be experienced.
I wholeheartedly believe that weddings are about people, not things. While I love being able to photograph your thoughtfully chosen details (these really enhance the narrative of the day), I will always prefer the actual moments as they unfold. Your dress is gorgeous, but it is only adornment for the perfect human being wearing it. It should be worn, enjoyed, moved in. At the end of the day, you will remember trekking through a field laughing together and dancing your heart out, more than you will care if your dress is spotless. Dresses can be cleaned, so make all of the memories you can.

Timeless always trumps trendy.
I strive to create photos that you will be proud to pull out and show to your children and grandchildren. I am all for being true to the current time period, but it would actually be a disservice to you to create and deliver something that will look dated in just a few years. I try to stay away from props, editing fads and anything else that will take away from the true beauty of you, your story and your wedding day.

Wedding days are not one size fits all.
You may want to ditch the color of the year for your favorite deep emerald green. You don’t have to wear your hair up if you always wear it down and loose. Your make up can be natural and understated, it doesn’t have to look like stage make up. You can opt out of the bouquet toss and create a new memory.


My process & how I work.

When couples ask me what my photography style is, I typically say that there is an emphasis on beautiful images and captivating story. It is important to me that each important detail of your day be documented well. I have a unique process that focuses on figuring out who you are, what you love and are drawn to and how to translate that emphasis on art into your day. The final gallery you receive should feel like an artistic and elevated version of you and I do everything in my power to get to the core of who you are, so I can capture that in a really relaxed and beautiful way.


My photography style.

My personal aesthetic is modern and minimal with a touch of old world charm. I edit each photo by hand with a critical eye in a style that reflects the timeless look of real film. I prefer bright photos with a little touch of color or a small pop of contrast. I love black and white photos with a lot of movement and a little bit of grain. I want each image to really make you feel something, to bring you right back to every moment of your wedding day. Weddings are a whirlwind and there is so much happening at once. My goal is that you feel present for every moment, even the ones you didn’t know were unfolding.

What aesthetic do you lean toward more?
Minimal & modern
Romantic & timeless
Relaxed & organic
Elegant & art deco
Independent & adventurous


Engagement Sessions.



Wedding collections.

Each collection is based on the amount of time you will need, the number of guests you anticipate having and any additional a la carte options you may choose.

I love shooting small elopements, as well as large celebrations, but the intimate wedding is my sweet spot. Eight hours is the perfect amount of time for everything to take place and a smaller guest list allows for more meaningful moments and conversations to occur. I absolutely adore a beautiful day with the people most important to you and most pivotal in building your relationship up. I love that you can splurge on the welcome baskets, that cute little venue you have your heart se on, the amazing dinner that is an experience in and of itself, the little sweetheart cake, the good champagne, the favors you really want to send your favorite people home with. The toasts become more emotional, the dances become more meaningful, the laughter a bit louder and the party a bit more memorable.

With any collection you choose, all travel is included within two hours of Cincinnati, Ohio. For locations further than this, a personalized quote can be given.


The final details.

All dates are available on a first come, first served basis and can be reserved with a signed contract and 50% retainer. Couples tend to book about 10-14 months in advance, with May & September-November being the busiest seasons.

I love to be by your side through the process and offer personalized vendor suggestions from my preferred vendor list, sample timelines, timeline planning, unique aesthetic suggestions, family portrait lists and how to make family portraits go smoothly, as well as more helpful tips.

I am so excited at the thought of working with you to create and capture the most memorable beginning of your marriage! Let me know which design aesthetic fits you best, the collection you’re leaning toward and we will go from there! Cheers!

Have more questions? I’m an open book! Don’t hesitate to reach out or check out some of my most frequently asked questions.