Hi there, so nice to meet you!

 Image by Nicolette Michelle Photography

It wasn't until recently that I truly embraced the word artist.  I think I was scared of what the label would entail, but as I have, I've learned to live with the fact that I can sometimes be absent minded, I may feel motivated to work until all hours of the night and occasionally live on coffee for days at a time.

When it comes to personal style, I have to admit that my wardrobe consists of nothing but neutrals and the ring my husband gave me is vintage, from an estate sale. I often wonder who it belonged to and what her story was. 

We live in an 1870 row house that is currently being renovated.  We have owned it for two years and are only about halfway done.  On the hard days, I blame him for being a perfectionist and then myself for being insanely picky. I know it will be worth it, though.

I can never just go to Target and buy something.  When I dream up what I want, I either end up thrifting, antiquing or making it myself.  I think that's half the fun.

I taught myself to code and bought my first domain name at age thirteen, blogging about life before the term blogging even caught on.  I learned how to create and style wedding florals during my high school years.  I graduated from college with an education degree because I wanted to be a writer and teach English, and then cosmetology school because I wanted a creative outlet and I enjoyed doing hair for weddings.  After all of this and countless ventures in between, I stopped fighting it picked my camera back up.  I was handed a film camera at age ten and it was my first love.  I guess you could say being an artist is in my blood.  I believe that learning who you are and being true to yourself is what makes you successful, even if it's a long and winding path.

I'm also obsessed with summertime, all types of plants, the way the light filters through the trees, sharing memes on social media when I should be sleeping and any type of taco. 

I'm that girl who is a slightly socially awkward introvert and on the day I do choose to leave my house I run into somebody I've full on Instagram stalked which means immediate sweaty palms, a dialogue of whether or not I should say hi or if I should act like I'm surprised they know me and how I should apologize for and make sense of the weird outfit I have on that is a mix of pajamas and winterwear which looks like I walked straight out of Antarctica.  Oh.  And lots of high pitched way more enthusiastic than I really am small talk.  Somebody tell me I'm not the only one.

We are currently planning a trip to Austin, Texas with high hopes for beautiful scenery, some time to bask under sunny skies, extended periods of rest, using lots of rolls of film, drinking lattes at the cutest places and a few good hikes.

As for things I'd like to do in 2018?  Host dinner parties.  Drive out west while listening to Fleetwood Mac.  Actually become good at journaling and self care.  Be mindful of the amount of plastic I use.  Take a pottery wheel class.

Are you feeling like we would become fast friends?  Have a great spot for us to check out while we are away?  Just want to say hi?  Here's something extra or you can use the contact form or email me!


Image by Nicolette Michelle Photography