Cincinnati Wedding Photographers, Laura Katie has a soft, clean, romantic, bright and classic style. Laura Katie is voted a top wedding photographer in the city & has had the pleasure of traveling for weddings, as well.

A little bit fine art, a little bit messy bun.


Hi, there!  I'm laura katie and i'm a hybrid (film & digital) fine art photographer based in cincinnati, ohio and traveling the world often.

I have always wanted to be a photographer.  I am now living that dream, meeting families during golden hour to document their warmth and connection in those last few minutes of soft glow.  Attending weddings each weekend as a photographer, bonus bridesmaid & impromptu coordinator.  I recently went back through old work and got lost looking at all of the families who have trusted me to capture their bond and was amazed at the nearly one hundred weddings I have been a part of, serving and loving couples as they begin a new life together.  

When I do have some time off, I thrive on all things low key.  An introvert at heart, I love quiet mornings with lattes and light reading.  Brunch is never a bad idea in my book.  If you told me I could get on a plane right and now and go anywhere at all, I'd tell you my bags are packed.  I love napping probably more than anyone you have ever met.  I wear too much black, but sometimes I throw in a muted neutral color for excitement.  I get down to John Mayer, James Taylor & Fleetwood Mac.  I plan things around peony season; those blooms get me every time.  I am an artist through and through, with experience in creative writing, calligraphy, floral design and bridal hair.  I believe the most important thing is to love Jesus and to love others.

We may be a perfect match if you value art and also people, dream big dreams of beautiful sessions in amazing locations, don't go with the flow of trends and instead choose timeless, know that your wedding is just the first chapter of your story or realize that family is the most important thing of all.


the Travel Wish List:
San Francisco, Salt Lake City, CANNON BEACH, PoSITANO, Grand Turk, Santorini, Paris, Reykjavik.
(and more.)

Let's dream big together—Reach out for more information on my special rates for travel.

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Why film?


The moment I saw this photo and held it in my hands, I fell in love.  As a wedding photographer myself, I imagined all of the things my parents felt and said and experienced on their wedding day.  I then framed and displayed it at my own wedding.

I began shooting film when I was in middle school.  I hadn't yet learned the intricacies of it, but from day one, I was hooked.  I loved everything about the process:  taking time to choose a film stock, carefully loading my camera, thinking through each shot, hearing the camera focus and advance, sealing up each used roll and sending them off to be developed.  All of that is so special, and yet it doesn't compare to the anticipation and excitement when you finally get to go through the photos.  Once I truly learned how to use film I stopped being afraid of harsh light, I was more confident in my shooting and I began getting back images that barely needed any editing.  I was learning to take my time, to create each image in my head, to interact with my clients well and to create meaningful photos.  Best of all, the images had a depth and vulnerability that you can't get from anything else.  The images look soft, romantic and even painterly.  

Film is beautiful.  Film is timeless.  Film is a luxury.

All of those family photos you love to hold in your hands?  They're all film.  Let's get back to tangible.


the things i don't take for granted:

The way the afternoon sunlight filters through the trees, into the window and dances on the walls.  That first sip of a really good latte.  Every moment of every summer.  Snuggles with my dog.  The moment I saw the Pacific Ocean for the very first time.  That conversation when you say "you, too?" and know you're going to be best friends.  A much needed quiet time with Jesus.  Any sentence that includes the words al fresco, charcuterie, rosé and bistro lights.  Friends who pursue me.  Chopin playing in the morning.  The way grainy black and white photos make you feel something deep.  Driving with the windows down.  Harvesting vegetables from your own garden.  The way my nieces and nephews giggle.  Creating merely to create.  When you're at home and a storm rolls in.  Taking time to slow down and bake something.  Getting your hands on a book you just can't put down.  Exploring a new city.