What started as a way to kill time has turned into so much more than just a hobby.

A few years ago, I was feeling a bit overworked and overwhelmed and I needed an outlet--something creative that didn't feel like a job.  So I did my research, I made a few trips to the nearby art stores and purchased some modest supplies.  Things had changed since I was twelve and was gifted my first how to book, but I've always been the person with "great handwriting" that is bribed to help with invitations, thank you card and envelopes.  It was rocky at the beginning, but I was determined, and I quickly fell in love with the ebb and flow of lettering once more.

My personal preference when it comes to calligraphy is more modern than traditional.  I follow the flow of the words rather than a specific form or a hard and fast rule.

I take on a very select number of projects each month, including, but not limited to: Place & Escort Cards, Custom Addressed Envelopes and Various Wedding Decor Details.  As well as Custom Pieces  and Curated Pieces For Your Home, Studio or Event.