Why I love fine art boudoir photos

It may sound strange when you first hear that women are stripping down in front of photographers now. I thought the same thing when I first heard about boudoir photography…and then I got asked to do a session. As I began to research I realized that it falls into two categories. One is what you typically probably think of—the oversexed outfits, the promiscuous poses—but the other is actually at the far other end of the spectrum. It is gorgeous light, delicate lingerie that is often quite modest and flattering and a fine art approach. These photos often feel like art.

So why book a boudoir session? I’ve had clients share numerous reasons with me, all different! Some have done it as a gift to their fiance at the wedding. Others have booked beautiful spaces to get ready for their wedding and want a few simple images to remind them how they felt during those moments. Still others have shared that it’s a form of self love and acceptance.

Whatever the reason, I want you to feel comfortable, beautiful and empowered. God gave us some amazing bodies that can do crazy things like run marathons and birth babies. No matter your story, it’s worth celebrating in a classy and timeless way.

So get a massage, have that hair and make up done, enjoy a drink and relax. It will be fun, I promise. I will gently guide you into a pose and then I’ll dote on you.

I’m currently hoping to book a session in a few months for the same reasons. Plus, I want to always be learning and I love knowing what it feels like to be on the other side of the camera, so I can make my clients and friends feel even more at ease and cared for.

Sessions are available in home and in studio. I can share helpful tips to choose the best location, as well as ideas and boutiques to shop for something that makes you feel amazing. I’d love to hear more about the vision you have!


How sweet are they? I’m already looking forward to the next time I get to update their family photos.

A few tips if you want beautiful family photos much like these:

Plan ahead and take it seriously. Photos are an investment and I want you to be absolutely thrilled when you receive your gallery. Allow me to talk through special locations with you, help you plan wardrobe that would be most flattering & timeless and prepare you so that you feel comfortable and ready once the day arrives. Always, always keep smiling, even when your kids may not be doing what you wish they were. The more joyful, expressive and relaxed you are, the more variety we end up with and the better the photos.

If you’re interested in session availability, please contact me.