Cincinnati Interior Design by Laura Katie

Whether your taste is sleek modern, vintage farmhouse or something in between, I have you covered.

One of the most difficult and best things I have ever done is purchase a home that needed to be completely renovated.  While patience is not my virtue, I had plenty of time to delve into the design aspect of it.  After countless hours choosing colors and textures and more than a few compliments on my taste (which I promptly brushed off as "just part of the artist brain"), I offered to begin creating design inspiration plans for friends who couldn't quite pinpoint their own personal style.  By asking a series of questions, I am able to narrow down a look that suits your taste and makes you feel like you're finally home.  It's about meshing the lived in feel with the dream look--creating something both practical and beautiful.  The good news is that it's achievable.

The design plans I create act as a mood board and shopping list, taking away the guesswork of where to start.  I offer colors, textures and statement pieces to give you the general feeling of the space.  This allows you quickly begin collecting lasting pieces that complement one another while completely transforming your home.  Use the contact form to get started.

Not ready to take the plunge and style your home?  Visit the shop to find a curated collection of pieces that will add some interest to your walls in the meantime.

For wardrobe styling, brand styling, styled shoot consultation and collaborations, or sponsorships, please email me at or use the contact form.