Oh, hi, you actually clicked that link, huh?

Maybe you're just curious or maybe you think we'd actually become friends if we took this thing off of social media and into my living room.  Regardless, here you are, and since you're here, I wanted to share a little bit more of my heart with you.

For a few years, my husband and I have been doing this thing called Compassion International.  Before we got married, we sponsored a little boy names Jose, adding him to our new family.  Each month we have money automatically deducted from our account to cover his needs.  He receives love, nutrition, healthcare and schooling for the amount that I would spend on coffee, a trip to Target for some retail therapy or a tank of gas.  I complain about not having enough, but in reality, I have way more than I could ever need, compared to this ten year old boy and all of the other children waiting to be sponsored.  And did I mention that they send sweet letters every so often?

There is also another little place called charity: water, a non-profit that is committed to providing clean drinking water for those who don't have it.  To bring a little bit of freedom to a developing village, you can donate once, donate monthly, or my personal favorite, pledge your birthday.  A never-ending tap is something we often take for granted, it shouldn't be something others have to worry about.

These are two easy ways to change a life without even leaving your couch.  This is how the world changes, friends, and if you're looking for a way to be a part of that movement, please consider these two causes that are close to my heart.  And if not, know that a portion of  your session or purchase is being donated to fund change around the world.  Yeah, you heard me right.  In a world that shares exclusively about the products and companies tied to their sponsorships, I am paying these two causes and then sharing about it.

Have a question?  Want to know more?  You can email me, I would love to talk to you!