Ask me anything!


How do you define your photography style?

I take a very clean and bright approach.  Since I also shoot film and match my digital images closely to my film shots, my photos tend to have a classic and timeless look to them.

Do you shoot both digital and film?

Yes, you will receive a gallery comprised of both digital and film images.  I choose to shoot hybrid because I appreciate that both digital and analog have their own unique strengths.  I use both formats during various parts of the day, depending on the light available, to create a cohesive look.

What is your approach during a session or wedding?

I believe that what happens in the small, in between moments is what life is made of.  I will gently guide you and then allow you to do the rest, interacting with each other in a natural way.  I want you to feel comfortable, because these settings make for the most authentic photos.  While we will get a few standard everyone smiling for the camera photos, the majority of your image collection will be made up of the candid things that happen during our time together.

How does your personality play into our experience?

Each human being is an incredibly intricate make up of strengths, weaknesses and emotions!  My personal make up is both relaxed and uptight, but I joke that at least they present themselves at the appropriate times!  I love making people feel comfortable, making people laugh and creating lasting bonds between myself and my clients, but especially between my clients themselves as I play the role of the facilitator in these new memories you're making.  I don't let the stress of a wedding day get to me, but I do take charge when things need to happen.  My goal is to create a process for you that looks very high end, while feeling incredibly relaxed.  Your engagement session is a great time to see this in action!

Will you help guide me with wardrobe and location choices?

Absolutely!  My goal is to work together to create timeless art for your home.  Wardrobe plays a big part in the final aesthetic of the session, so I love to help choose pieces that feel comfortable and represent you.  As far as location for engagement, boudoir, anniversary, maternity, newborn or family sessions, I photograph in natural light only, so we will discuss the best place to hold your session.  I have a studio, but also love homes with bright walls and lots of windows or shooting outdoors.  We will pinpoint the location that complements you best.  Because I want your photos to span generations, I choose not to use extras or props.

Will I receive both color and black and white images?

When I dream about art pieces that will hopefully grace the walls of your home for the next century, I dream about black and white.  It draws attention to what is happening in the photo, the emotion of the moment and time seems to stand still.  I always include a mixture of both color and black and white images in each gallery, but I believe that those clients who value photos as a form of art will also resonate with black and white.  The choice to share either in color or black and white is truly a call of the artist, with black and white photos typically being the ones that really make you feel something.

What happens after my session or wedding is over?

Session galleries generally have a turnaround time of three to four weeks.  Wedding galleries generally have a turnaround time of six to eight weeks. This allows for film to be sent off, developed and scanned and digital images to be matched to the film scans.  Once the private online gallery has been loaded, you will have access to download and share.

Do your travel?

More often than not, I’m traveling around the midwest, photographing family legacies and love stories. I work in Cincinnati Ohio, Dayton Ohio, Columbus Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, Indianapolis Indiana, Chicago Illinois, Northern Kentucky, Lexington Kentucky, Louisville Kentucky & Nashville Tennessee, as well as the surrounding areas of Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. I often say that adventure is my love language and I adore traveling.  Often, I haven't unpacked from one trip before I am planning and scheming a way to take another.  I'd love to do a mountaintop maternity session, an engagement in the Icelandic countryside, an elopement in New York City.  Whatever you can dream up, I am game.  Travel fees vary based on season and location, please contact me for an estimate.

What equipment do you use?

I have two Nikon camera bodies that function as my main digital camera and back up digital camera, as well as a medium format Pentax body, a Nikon 35mm body and a wide array of lenses, to suit any situation.  I also carry multiple flash set ups, lots of batteries and memory cards.  Over the years I've pieced together a system that works best for me and I can assure you I've accounted for any situation that could arise.  

Do you invest in continuing education?

I honestly and truly believe that photography is a profession you will never fully master.  It is fluid, subjective to each artist's own interpretation and ever changing.  As somebody who loves to be a student (I have a degree in education, I bet you didn't know that!), this concept is exciting for me instead of daunting.  Education is a non-negotiable and I continue to throw a generous portion of my salary toward it each year, researching the best workshops and courses, from industry leaders whom I admire.  In the first half of 2018, I have attended two workshops and taken two separate courses, studied posing and film and attended multiple creative and collaborative shoots and events.  The idea that I can bring a new and inspiring part of me to each session and wedding is what keeps me pushing forward.  I believe each client deserves a fresh and unique experience.

Do you ever raise your prices?

Because of the amount of time and money I continue to invest in education and equipment, as the demand for my work grows, I will occasionally revisit my pricing and make sure it makes sense.