How to choose a family session location | Ask Anything


Hi, there!  I'm a newer maternity & family photographer in the Chicago area.  I noticed that your clients are about 50/50 on how they choose locations for their sessions (indoor versus outdoor) and I wondered how you guide them on that choice.  Do you offer pros and cons?  I don't want my clients to choose one and regret the choice, but I also want them to feel that the location perfectly portrays who they are and complements our time together beautifully.  Any tips?  

Thank you in advance!

Well hello, girl!  Thanks for reaching out!  I love answering questions for other photographers!  I'm a firm believer that a rising tide lifts all boats (and proud member of the Rising Tide Society--creatives supporting other creatives--check it out!) and we all grow by sharing what we know.

To answer your question, I always offer both options to my clients, as long as it isn't winter.  If it is cold outside, I am strictly an indoor photographer when there are children involved (no one wants to wrangle a freezing cold toddler that is probably crying).  Plus you have the inevitable red, wind chapped cheeks.  During the other three seasons, I am open to either indoor in the client's own home or another location or outdoor.

I explain to each family that I want the session to feel natural and relaxed.  This is always the main goal, because the more natural and relaxed you feel, the better the photos are.  I have them share with me locations where they feel at home and we go from there.  Most clients have a good idea of whether they want to have their session done in home or otherwise.

My best advice is to let the seasons guide you and take advantage of that glowy sun while you have it!  Best of luck creating dreamy photos they will cherish forever...indoors or out!