How To Prepare For Your Engagement Session | For Brides


Chances are, if you're here for this, you read my last blog about why you should take advantage of an engagement session.  (If you didn't, read it and then come back.)  To build on that, today I'm going to share a little bit about how I prepare my couples for their engagement session.

  1. Pick your date.  This is the first thing you'll need to do.  Remember your wedding date as you choose your engagement session date.  Some couples like to do it a full year in advance in the same season they will be married in.  Others prefer six months out, in the opposite season that they're getting married.  Personally, I prefer any time it's warm and green.  I don't mind the occasional winter session, but you're going to be much more comfortable if you aren't freezing your booty off.  Plan ahead, because during busy seasons, photographers normally book a month or two out.  And chances are, if your photographer does a lot of weddings, they will only be taking engagement sessions on weekday evenings at sunset.
  2. Set expectations.  This day is not only for you to learn how I work, but it's also a fun little date night with your fiance.  Yes, you may be figuring out how to get comfortable in front of a camera, but there should be a lot of laughing and snuggling along the way.  It's smart to not only mentally prepare yourself for a good time, but also to share with your groom what the session will look like.
  3. Choose your wardrobe.  I always urge my couples to think about wardrobe early on, because there is nothing worse than coming up on the week of your session and not being able to find something that you feel great in.  I typically send brides a list of clothing tips when they choose a date, including which types of colors to choose, patterns to avoid and stores to browse.  I always recommend couples choose one casual look and one dressier look.
  4. Plan for hair and make up.  If you truly want to feel pampered, schedule your trial hair and make up appointments for the day of your engagement session.  Once you've seen the finished look, have your stylist let the pins out for some loose waves.  If you're more the do it yourself type, a big curling iron and some extra eye make up normally does the trick.
  5. Clean that ring.  You can bet I'll be taking some photos of your new bling close up, so make sure you stop into your jeweler prior to the session to have it cleaned, so it's sparkly and ready for it's moment.
  6. Be on time.  Because we will be meeting prior to sunset, it's important that you arrive at the time we discuss.  I completely understand that things happen (traffic, for instance), but it's easier to plan to leave work an hour early than be stressed and in an argument when you arrive.  The light is important and the more light we lose, the more time we lose, and I don't want that!

So that's it, ladies!  Those are my six biggest engagement planning tips, aside from choosing your engagement session location, which I will cover next time!  If you have any other questions for me, leave a comment below or email me!