Hazel | A Fort Thomas Newborn Session


Today is my friend Lauren's birthday, so it's only fitting that I blog her recent newborn session, done at her home in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

I was so excited when she first told me that she was pregnant with her second little one and my excitement only grew as we took her maternity photos and then patiently waited to schedule her newborn session.  

Hazel June ("Hay-Haze" or "Juney-Baby" if you're her older brother Everett) came into the world at the end of the year and it was at the eight week mark that we decided to do the session.  This goes to show that you can always make a session work, whether it's within the first few days or even the first few months.  The important part is making sure you document the early squishy moments of your little one being a new addition to the family, when it's still fresh and you're still deliriously happy (from hormones and also lack of sleep).

I immediately fell in love with this little girl, just as much as I adore her older brother.  She's got the cutest little cheeks and some beautiful eyes that she didn't take off of me the entire session.  

Lauren is the most incredible, laid back mama that I know and I love the way she loves on her babies.  I'll definitely be taking some parenting tips from her at some point.  Plus, her decorating game is strong.  When she told me that she had chosen hues of green to accent the baby's space I nearly cried in anticipation.  (If you can't tell from my Instagram feed, I'm obsessed with all things green.)

Enjoy these highlights from my time at the Smith home and know that you'll definitely be seeing more of these love bugs as they grow.  I also get to babysit from time to time, because MVP photographer turned friend, you guys, so if you follow my stories, I always share behind the scenes there.