It's All In The Details | For Brides


Chances are, if you have ever read any type of bridal blog, you've seen images upon images of gorgeous wedding day details.  Aside from portraits of the new couple, bridal party and family, details are my favorite thing to capture during your big day.

I personally always allot a portion of time when I first arrive to the bridal suite for details.  I love to come in, greet everyone, get the lay of the land (where the window light is) and then get right to styling detail photos.  I believe that each thing you carefully and intentionally chose tells a little piece of your wedding day story.  It may not seem like a big deal to capture which earrings you wore or what your shoes looked like, but let me put it this way:  in ten years, or even twenty, when you look back on your photos and see those sparkly earrings, won't you imagine your mama brushing your hair back and helping you secure them?  When you look back on your photos and see the shoes that you slipped on that morning, won't you remember how excited you were to walk down the aisle to your one and only?

Everyone always says that photos are a way to freeze a moment in time.  I'm going to take it a step further and say that photos are a way to jog your memory and bring you right back to that moment.

So, which details are a must have?  I share a list with my brides and today I'm going to share it with the rest of you.  I always advise brides to have everything on my list set aside before they even get to the hotel, that way when I walk in, I don't waste any precious time hunting things down.

In the bridal suite:
All three rings, any jewelry you plan to wear (earrings, bracelet, necklace, hair combs), the veil, your shoes (both your ceremony and reception shoes), your clutch, a fresh bottle of your wedding day scent and any wrap/shrug/fur you may wear over the dress if it is cold outside.  Also make sure your bouquet has been delivered and is in water.

In the groom's suite:
A tie or bow tie, cufflinks, signet ring or any family jewelry, watch, shoes, a fresh bottle of your wedding day cologne and the boutonniere.

Additional details:
Gifts or letters to each other, to open after you get ready.  Your personalized vows, done by your calligrapher on two separate sheets of fancy paper (you'll want to frame these after).  Loose florals that match the florals you've chosen for your bouquets (ask your floral designer for the "extras" to be delivered in a bucket).  Antique family love letters and old family wedding photos.  Any additional heirlooms.  Slips of paper with the names of each groomsman done by your stationer in calligraphy, to pair with the boutonnieres.  

That's it, ladies.  It seems like a lot to coordinate, but when you have a road map all laid out months prior to the wedding day, you have plenty of time to tick things off the list and fill two boxes, one for each suite on the morning of.  It'll make your life easier, my morning easier and I promise you'll have many more photos of the things you planned to add to your album.