La Jolla, California | A Travel Journal


I recently had the opportunity to visit California to do a wedding with a friend.  Travel is my first and foremost love language, and I was ecstatic to be able to head to a location I have always dreamed of exploring.

Not only was La Jolla an exceptional first west coast experience because of the sights, I also got to eat my weight in tacos (my secondary love language).  And have you ever had a California Burrito?!

When I vacation or travel, I make it a point to only use film.  Yes, it's more risky--I mean, you only get one shot and there is no checking it or tweaking it.  But the pay off is so worth it.  Film has something that nothing else does.  It has a certain depth, a softness, a timelessness.  

When the photos came back, I fell in love with the west coast all over again.  

I'm already making plans to go back, dreaming of acai bowls, the sound of the waves crashing on the rocky parts of the beach, the dark green pines against red cliffs, burritos stuffed with french fries, salty air, walking until I couldn't walk any longer, all of the plants my little heart could desire and blue skies with seventy degree weather.  Oh.  And the seals.  How I loved the seals.  I could venture to say that it may be heaven on earth.

If you have never been, prepare to start making plans yourself once you scroll to the end.  And if you can't get there, like tomorrow, a few of these prints are available in the shop.