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Well, friends, here's my favorite things round up from Winter 2018!  I've been anxiously waiting to share all of these products for you at once, with links and information.  I tend to share what things are and where they came from when I wear or post because I know I'll get asked.  But I also like to only recommend products I love, so I tested and tried these for a few months before sharing.  These are perfect for a treat yo'self day or a mix and match gift for a friend.

Speaking of, I never really thought that giving and receiving gifts was one of my big love languages, but one of my absolute favorite things is being able to make others feel known through small surprises or big gifts.  Ironically, most of these items have been gifted to me and have absolutely thrown me for a loop how well my friends know me and love me.  It's the best feeling!

Indigo Shibori Throw
The perfect size and weight to drape over a chair or take along to use as a throw for a picnic or a day at the beach.  I've been fascinated by this dying process and it's beauty for a few years.  These throws tend to look rich while still looking relaxed.  The more worn they get, the better they look.

Genesis Study Book from She Reads Truth
When I stumbled onto She Reads Truth, I was an instant fan.  I am an artist through and through, so reading the Bible in a beautiful magazine format really brings it all to life.  SRT also has online resources to pair with the books to allow you to study the information more in depth.  I did the book of Genesis at the beginning of the year and am looking forward to what my next study will be.

Black Rimmed Glasses by Eye Buy Direct
My first pair of glasses were from Lookmatic, but shortly after I stumbled onto Eye Buy Direct.  They had a larger inventory and lower prices.  I change my glasses like I change my clothes, so having a few different pairs I rotate through is a fun way to spice up my wardrobe, which consists of mostly black and some other neutrals.  Use the link above and get $10 off your first order.  The glasses begin at $6 so that's a pretty killer deal.

Corkcicle Reusable Bottle
I am a big fan of reusable bottles.  A big fan.  I'm always looking for a new favorite to carry around with me.  Up until now, my favorite has been a reusable Yeti cup with lid and metal straw, but it was so many pieces.  Then I was given this bottle and it was everything I loved about the Yeti, but it was more portable and didn't spill.  The one I have doesn't hold a ton of water, but that keeps me on my toes and reminds me to keep refilling it and to keep track of how much I drink each day.

Trendy Earrings
I normally don't purchase jewelry that won't last for years to come, but when I saw these cute little earrings that were a modern take on tassels, I had to add them to my jewelry box.  Bonus?  They were super reasonable at only about $9.

Manitou Travel Candle in Scent 100
If you know me at all, you know that I could spend my life savings on candles.  I love all candles, but I especially love the extra pretentious types.  Soy candles, create your own candles, big candles, travel size candles, wood wicked candles, organic candles, candles that support charities... I love them all.  I tend to err on the side of lavender or masculine scents (I'm currently burning an amber and leather combo), but this fragrance from a boutique candle shop in Cincinnati smells incredible.  I also love that it's small and perfect to stick in your bag for a hotel stay.  (Yes, I am that girl.)

Native Deodorant in Eucalyptus & Mint
I've been searching for better alternative to the Old Spice Antiperspirant I'd been using forever and after a few tries (and misses), I settled on Native's take on paraben and aluminum free deodorant.  Obviously, as an ex Old Spice lover, I clicked right to the men's scents and chose a fresh, clean scent.  Bonus?  You can add on a baby travel size at check out if you're wanting to try any other scents before committing.  (I carry the baby ones in my wedding day touch up kit and also in my overnight bag.)  If you follow the link above, they'll add the mini deodorant to your first order for free.

The Giving Keys Necklace
Shortly after my dad passed away, I began looking at these necklaces.  I'd bought one for a friend during a hard season of life and thought that maybe having a reminder around my neck would help me tackle each new day, instead of wallowing in self pity and working from my bed (which actually looks a lot more like Netflix from my bed).  I scoured the website a few times, unsure which style, color and word to choose.  During the grief process, any decision feels like a mountain to climb.  There was no way I could decide on three different things, so I closed the website and figured I'd come back to it later.  After moving my sister to Florida in a quick three day trip, I arrived home to a gift.  I knew it was from a girl who lived up the street from us when I was in highschool.  She's my youngest sister's age and she's always been a sweetheart.  I read the note, opened the gift and was shocked to see that my style, color and word had been chosen perfectly for me.  During this time I had no idea what I needed and I loved that God used a friend of my sister's to speak an encouraging word to me that I can be reminded of daily.  Not only that, she chose perfectly for all three of my sisters, as well.  

Trader Joe's Rose Facial Oil
The moment I spotted this on the shelf, I knew it was for me.  It has a delicate scent and is super versatile.  I slather it on my face after a shower to lock in moisture, around my cuticles, over my elbows.  If I remember correctly it was $5.99 (nothing at TJ's is outrageous) and I'll definitely be heading back for more of this.

No Drought Dry Shampoo by LUSH
I don't discriminate when it comes to dry shampoo.  Pretty sure my body is comprised of half coffee and half dry shampoo.  I also love almost everything that LUSH makes, so when I was given this stuff, I was pumped to try it.  Here's a fun fact:  I went to an Aveda Institute and studied hair and make up right out of college, so I'm used to products without aerosols.  This stuff smells delicious and really does the trick if you're in need of a little body and pick me up for your second (and third, and fourth...) day hair.

Capri Blue's Volcano Hand Cream
For some reason, small tubes of hand cream seem really luxurious to me.  They feel like such a treat, especially this scent by Capri Blue.  You'll probably recognize the smell--it's the signature scent of the Anthropologie stores.  Rub some on your winter weather chapped hands and immediately you'll be transported and feel like you're buying overpriced home goods and kitschy rompers in a beautifully curated, eclectically decorated store.  It's that good.

Care/Of Vitamins & Supplements
The branding.  It got me.  I always joke that I'm a sucker for branding and also the path of least resistance.  So when I realized that instead of buying approximately three thousand different bottles of pills from either Amazon or the local health food store, I could just order these cute little packets of single servings (that had my name and a daily message, no less), I was all "take my money."  I'm a big fan of how they figure out what you need, but also leave room to add in what you want.  I need supplements for energy, but I also wanted supplements for my skin.  Done and done.

Not pictured:

The Purple Mattress
Y'all.  We have needed a new mattress for at least the last year.  It's been more and more obvious as we have stayed with family and friends or at hotels for work over the past months.  Chris had mentioned this to some of his friends in conversation during a small group.  He works hard and I feel bad that he wakes up sore, that we wake up feeling like we're in our late 40s rather than early 30s.  But one small comment and a few days later, a mattress, topper and pillow showed up at our door.  We are still blown away by the generosity of a group of guys he randomly got paired with for a camping trip and continues to build relationships with.  Back to the mattress, though, right, because you're wondering if it really is all it's hyped up to be.  Chris is in love with the way it feels, but I still think I need a down mattress pad because I like to sleep in a nest of softness. (This is why I have like seven pillows.)  If you've been on the fence about buying this mattress, know that the professional napper approves 100% and also, if you use the link above, you'll get a free mattress protector with your first order.

Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner
If there were ever a book I read that resonated with me so deeply that I related to nearly every word, this may be it.  I had it on my list and then took it off after reading a so-so review, but then added it back.  Man, I am so glad I did.  I keep asking myself, "Is she me?" as she shares her life, her ups, her downs, her struggles and her fears.  If you ever needed a reminder of what it's all about (and spoiler alert, it isn't about the hustle, it's about the in between), this is it.

Reckless Love by Cory Asbury
This has been the soundtrack to my life over the last couple of months.  It is so, so, so good.  Buy it on Amazon or give it a listen on Spotify.  I promise you won't regret it.

Say Yes To Face Masks
Basically I love any and all face masks (well, except those paper sheet masks--I feel like they don't do much for me), but my most recent favorite is the Say Yes To Charcoal Mask.  You can pick it up in single use packets from Target or the local drug store, but I like this larger tube.  I hate wasting the last bit in the packets and this solves the problem.

Mahabis Slippers
You know those Facebook ads that pop up and tell you that you may want to buy this random product?  Well, they've been popping up trying to sell me slippers for approximately two years.  I've pinned these bad boys, I follow Mahabis on Instagram.  And then one day, somebody saw the notification that I liked this page pop up one too many times and ordered me a pair.  And now I never want to take them off.  Mine are light grey with cream soles and they've been amazing for the girl who doesn't like to go barefoot, but also doesn't like to walk around and get all of her socks dirty (such OCD, I know).  They're expensive, but they're worth it.  Follow the link above for 10% off your purchase.

Shout outs to Kristyn, Lauren, Emily, Lori & Chris's friends for thinking of us and spending time and money to choose little things (and clearly some big things) that would make us feel so known and loved.  Each time I use them, I'm reminded of the team in our corner, cheering for us, fighting for us, thinking of us, loving us.  You guys are the best.

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