the things i don't take for granted:

The way the afternoon sunlight filters through the trees, into the window and dances on the walls.  That first sip of a really good latte.  Every moment of every summer.  Snuggles with my dog.  The moment I saw the Pacific Ocean for the very first time.  That conversation when you say "you, too?" and know you're going to be best friends.  A much needed quiet time with Jesus.  Any sentence that includes the words al fresco, charcuterie, rosé and bistro lights.  Friends who pursue me.  Chopin playing in the morning.  The way grainy black and white photos make you feel something deep.  Driving with the windows down.  Harvesting vegetables from your own garden.  The way my nieces and nephews giggle.  Creating merely to create.  When you're at home and a storm rolls in.  Taking time to slow down and bake something.  Getting your hands on a book you just can't put down.  Exploring a new city.